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Hello to all of you! I, Queen Loon Venus will guide you and let you understand what is a Landmark. These Landmarks are basic concept that you must learn to understand more about the flow of the El hazard story. I have appointments in this moment at the royal palace but I just told Ronz, our royal chamberlain to cancel all my appointments in order to guide you here. Have a good time!

 What Landmarks is all about  

The landmarks I'm about to give you are the points that every El Hazard fan should know. There are some things on El hazard that plays a very vital role in the whole story. The objective is to let the viewers of this page know about important things in El Hazard.

 The List of El Hazard Landmarks
.: Eye of god :. .: Karlia :.
.: Roshtaria :. .: Iphreeta :.
.: Bugrom Empire :. .: Holy War :.
.: Holy River :. .: Mt. Maldoon :.
.: Index :. .: Multimedia :.
.: Fan Art :. .: Feedback :.
.: Fan Fiction :. .: Links :.

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