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For any requests just email me and I'll entertain your requests. If your request is not posted, please be patient. I'm a full time student. But don't worry, I will try my best to do what is best. If you want to donate and suggest something in this site, it would be highly appreciated. You can do this by just sending me an email. Since I haven't received a request, I guess I will put some MIDI files for now. The files are zipped. You can't play this song without unzipping it with a WINZIP.

 What's available at this time
Song Title Size Format Load
HEHE!! This activity being a tour guide for you guys is not included on my daily appoinments. Well anyway, as long as Shella, Nanami and Alelle is here and you guys are there, its okey!! 1. El Hazard The Magnificent World 1 Opening 20 kb MIDI here  
2. El Hazard The Magnificent World 2 Opening  20 kb MIDI here

3. El Hazard - Boys be Free!!

7 kb MIDI here
4. El Hazard - Ifurita saw Makoto 4 kb MIDI here
5. El Hazard - Ifurita's Pain 12 kb MIDI here
6. El Hazard - Ifurita's Love Theme 13 kb MIDI here
7. Fushigi Yuugi - I wish 2 kb MIDI here
8. Sailor Moon - Serenity 7 kb MIDI here




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El Hazard 1995 AIC/Pioneer LDC, Inc. Presented by Pioneer LDC, Inc.  Manufactured for and distributed by Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P