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The Eye of God is a very destructive machine. Im afraid that the Eye of god would destroy El Hazard again.

 El Hazard's Eye of god   

The Eye of God

 What the Eye of god is


The Eye of god is the ultimate destruction machine on the entire El hazard. The eye of god was created back on the ancient El Hazard maybe 10,000 years ago. This machine has the ability to transported objects to an another unknown dimension. Its power is too scary that no one can oppose the ones who are able to use it - the two royal princesses of Roshtaria. Back then, this was used by their ancestors during the war called the Holy war. The Eye of God destroyed almost everything.

The Eye of god can only function if two royal ones cooperate. This machine is also capable of recognizing the royal one's genetic codes. This codes serves as the password. The two should chant the keywords so that the eye of god can function perfectly. If the attack is over, it should be sealed by the three priestesses of Maldoon. If there would be an another war, the priestess should also cooperate to unseal the Eye of god again to be used by the royal ones.

The eye of god in El Hazard appeared mostly in the Magnificent World 1 and the Alternative World.

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